Conceived Naturally After Losing Weight


When Subashini Arumugan came to me, she was 31 years old and had been married for 4 years. She lived in Kota Kinabalu. Yes, she came to me all the way from Sabah.

I diagnosed her as a case of sub-fertility as her menstrual cycles were irregular and she also had a history of excessive weight gain. I advised her to modify her diet and try exercising so that she could lose some excess weight.

I was happy to say that she was diligent and 6 months into our sessions, Subashini conceived naturally!

She came to me for her antenatal care and pregnancy check-ups. Except for developing pregnancy-induced hypertension, she had a very good and stable pregnancy.

She opted to deliver her baby using a Caesarean section and successfully delivered a baby boy weighing a healthy 3.1 kg.