How To Conceive a “Horse” Baby

The year of the Horse starts in February 2014 and it takes seven days and nine months to produce a baby. So NOW is the time to conceive if you a thinking of having a “Horse” baby.

“Horses are trustworthy, friendly and open-minded. They are good friends to have and will always be honest with you.”

“Horse people are extemporaneous and quick-witted. They are quite intelligent and use their practicality to their advantage in their business and personal lives. Their sharpness makes them quick to pick up new skills and are able to handle many tasks at one time.”

So the time has come to try and get that “hard working, intelligent Horse!”

Most doctors would recommend seeking help for fertility if…

  • you’re 35 years old or younger and you’ve been unable to get pregnant after unprotected intercourse for at least one year.
  • you’re over 35 years of age, and you have not been able to get pregnant after six months (because as we know, the chances for successful treatment rapidly decline after 35).

Before you start thinking about getting pregnant, you should do what you can to get healthier.

Not only will a healthier person increase the chances of getting pregnant, it’ll also increase the possibility of you having a healthy baby.

Things you can do to get healthier include (this implies to both the partners):

  • Losing extra weight
  • Choosing a healthier diet
  • Cutting back on caffeine
  • Starting a fertility-friendly exercise routine
  • Quitting smoking
  • Cutting back on excess alcohol.

The first step in the management of a couple trying to conceive naturally is to investigate if there are any factors that are preventing natural conception.

Some of the common reasons, why couples do not conceive naturally after trying for a year or so:

  • Male factor – inability for the male to produce sufficient number of sperms of suitable quality.
  • Female factor – inability to ovulate monthly
  • Tubal factor – tubal blockage/adhesions that prevents the sperm from meeting the eggs.

Do not forget to take Folic Acid, as it has proven to be beneficial in reducing the incidence of neural defects in babies. Folic acid should be taken about 2 weeks before getting pregnant!

Do not hesitate to seek help early!

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