Mother Second Time Around

Choon Jia Ying was a 26 year old mother who had lost her first child when she came to me for pre-conception counselling.

Madam Choon Jia Ying visited Dr Somas with her baby girl

Her first baby suffered from congenital heart disease and passed away a few days after being born.

Jia Ying was devastated but she was also determined to have a baby.

We met for a few counselling sessions. One day, she announced to me that she had conceived naturally!

While pregnant, I told her to be extra careful and referred her to a paediatric cardiologist just to make sure this baby was going to be fine.

We ensured that she underwent enough prenatal testing and anomaly scans.

By December that same year, Jia Ying gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl weighing in at 3.2 kg.

I am glad she had the courage to try for a baby the second time around.