Pregnant with Twins Despite Sub Fertility Problem

Puan Nur Hasliza, her husband and her twins

I first met Puan Nur Hasliza and her husband in 2009.

They were investigated and found to have a history of subfertility. Before coming to see me, they had consulted a couple of GPs.

When they came to me, I did some baseline investigations and put her on a cycle of fertility drugs.

I also advised them that they needed to watch their diet with some diet modifications.

A couple of months later, Nur Hasliza visited me and said she had missed her period. She wanted to test and I gave her a urine test. The test came back positive!

After many long months, she was finally pregnant. You should have seen the look on her face! She and her husband were thrilled.

But pregnancies can be challenging too.

A week later, she was admitted into Gleneagles Medical Centre after she complained of severe and sudden lower abdominal pain. I suspected an ectopic pregnancy.

When I performed an emergency diagnostic laparoscopy on her, I first assessed her Fallopian tubes. They were normal but the laparascopy uncovered a large ovarian cyst which I removed immediately.

Two weeks later, I assessed her again and was happy to tell her that she was indeed pregnant – with twins!

Like any good mother, she came in regularly for her antenatal check-ups and in April 2010, she decided to undergo a Caesarean section.

Nur Hasliza finally made her dream come true – she gave birth to a baby boy weighing 2.3kg and a girl weighing 1.8kg.

She and her babies were discharged on the 3rd day.